Growing demand for Bitcoin games in Australia

Constantly growing demand for Bitcoin games in Australia. Why did cryptocurrency games become popular?

In Australia, for two years now, cryptocurrencies have been considered the officially accepted means of payment for all goods, services and new Bitcoin games. And, of course, it is beneficial for those who can and earn Bitcoin or other types of electronic money data.

Until 2017, upon receipt of cryptocurrency, Australians paid a double tax – both when they bought Bitcoins and when they purchased any goods on them. Now, the government of the state has simplified work with cryptocurrency, saving citizens from paying GST tax.

Growing demand for Bitcoin games in Australia

Crypto Birds are now regulated by law and must be registered in the Digital Exchange Register. Their activities are monitored by the Center for Reporting and Transaction Analysis (AUSTRAC), the main financial intelligence agency of Australia. This made cryptocurrency platforms subject to the same reporting and regulatory obligations as large banks.

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Laws passed last year to eliminate double taxation, as well as an amendment to the Law on Financing Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, made it possible for Australia to make the process of legalizing cryptocurrency more profitable for the state and for users.

Innovations have had an impact on Australian online entertainment. With the legalization of cryptocurrency, more and more people are turning their attention to Bitcoin games where they can pay with Bitcoin and earn it by increasing their income.

Another advantage is to conduct all Bitcoin game transactions quickly and without using real money. Buy something in the game has become even easier and more profitable.

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Fans of modern games Bitcoin are well acquainted with microtransactions and various kinds of game currencies, which are used to buy large-scale DLC, resources for crafting game items. The introduction of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies into the gaming space will be able to make transactions between users and developers transparent and not bring the economy to the outside world.

The most important advantage of having Bitcoin games in Australia and the main reason for their popularity is the ability to win jackpots in this currency. In one minute, a person has a chance to become a real multimillionaire!

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The world of cryptocurrency, like the army of its fans, is expanding literally before our eyes. Most of them know the basic ways of earning Bitcoins, but so far not everyone is aware of, perhaps, the most potentially popular of them – Bitcoin casino games.

What distinguishes them from the “fellow”?

  1. Fun for the average user. Bitcoin gaming is sure to appeal to those who are far from solving mathematical problems, technical devices and programs, or who don’t like monotonous, purposeless tasks like captcha input or clicking on advertisements.
  2. Diversity. Participants are offered options for every taste – from the usual (with primitive graphics and the essence, but not requiring any thought and time consuming) to a rather exciting pastime.
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